Association for Chinese Lawyers in Europe, A.s.b.l

Welcome to join ACLE, please download and complete the attached “Membership Application Form” and send to, We will contact you as soon as possible.

According to Article 6 of the Articles of Association of ACLE,

Any Chinese lawyer practicing professionally in Europe who agrees to the fulfillment of the Association’s object may become members, subject to the approval of the board of directors.

The term “Chinese lawyer” shall be construed in the largest sense and shall mean:

1) Any Chinese admitted in one or several bar associations of lawyers in Europe;

2) Any Chinese working as in house counsel of a company, a bank or an institution and practicing professionally in Europe;

3) Any Chinese working as a teacher, lecturer or professor of law at any university or higher level education institution in Europe; and,

4) Any Chinese student of law at a university or higher level education institution in Europe;

The term “Chinese” shall include both Chinese nationals and people of Chinese origin who speak Mandarin Chinese or at least a Chinese dialect.

The term “Europe” shall have its geographic meaning.

The admission of new members is subject to the approval of the board of directors, who shall decide on admissions by simple majority of its directors present or represented.

A list of all the members shall be held by the board of directors which shall be updated annually.”

As a member of ACLE, you have the following main rights and obligations:

1. Rights

a. Joining a high level professional lawyers network and share insider resources and information;

b. Publication of your profile on the website of ACLE both in English and Chinese version;

c. Attending to seminars, conferences, consulting, trainings and supporting services with a VIP fees rate;

d. Being kept updated of studies, publications, and newsletters.

2. Obligations

a. Paying annual fees;

b. Observing the articles of association of ACLE;

c. Keeping ACLE honorable.