Association for Chinese Lawyers in Europe, A.s.b.l
Roadshow of ACLE China Delegation in six Chinese Metropolises(April 2019)
04-24-2019 10:00

ACLE China Delegation, consisting of members of the association, M&A advisors, representatives of investment banks and accounting firms, visited six cities in China from 24th April to 08th May 2019, including Jiaxing, Hefei, Ningbo, Chengdu, Deyang and Wuhan. In these major cities, the Delegation held various seminars jointly with Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, People’s Government of Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Deyang Municipal People’s Government, Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government, Elite Global Legal Alliance, Zhejiang Hightac Law Firm, BDO Zhejiang Shu Lun Pan CPA LLP and Hubei Enterprise International Cooperation Association as well as local lawyers associations etc., on issues regarding the legal aspects of investments and M&A transactions in the European countries accompanied with illustrative case study and risk analysis.

During the seminars, directors and members of ACLE from major European countries, including Ms. Qun GU, Chinese qualified lawyer from Sweden (President of ACLE), Dr. Xinyu HU, qualified lawyers both in France and China (Vice President of ACLE), Dr. Yifan ZHU, Chinese qualified lawyer from Germany (Secretary General of ACLE), French lawyers Dr. You SHANG (Treasury of ACLE), Dr. Hua ZHONG, Dr. Huini LI, Dr. Xiaohong REN, Dr. Yan BAI, British lawyer Ms. Xueying ZHANG, Czech lawyer Mr. Shiyang ZHANG and Managing Director of the Dutch company Dumela Mrs. Jing DUAN (all ACLE members) as well as Chinese lawyer Ms. Ruiqiu SONG, French lawyer Mr. Liang PENG, Partners of Nordic Match Mr. Yujia WANG and Ms. Yulei BAO from Sweden, CEO of Consulting firm SAFU Mr. Zhanhong ZHU from Portugal, Senior Manager of Eurasian Consulting Ms. Na CHENG from Germany, Managing Director of Ebner Stolz Mr. Ran CHEN from Germany, Directors of Alantra Consulting Ms. Xiaoqin WANG and Mr. Ji ZHAO, China Business Director of Intertrust Group Ms. Hui GAO from Luxembourg, Director of the German Goetzpartners Mr. Feng LIU, Partner of Livingstones Mr. Baoshan BAO from Germany, China Business Director of the German Falk & Co. GmbH & Co. KG Mr. Yuankai YAO, China Business Director of Moore Stephens KPWT AG Ms. Xiaoyu YANG from Germany, China Business Director of KPMG Mr. Haitao YU, Manager of China Department of Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung Duisburg mbH Ms. Kai YU shared their experience and expertise respectively on different topics such as the characteristics, status quo and trends of investment in Europe, foreign investment review framework, tax structures, legal due diligence and risk prevention in overseas M&A Transactions.. At the same time, more than 100 projects, covering transportation, new energy, information technology, chemical, medical health, environmental protection, education, culture, tourism, modern agriculture and other fields from Nordic region, Germany, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and other countries were released on-site. In-depth and lively discussions were carried out by hundreds of domestic companies and their representatives on hot issues like legal environment of investments in Europe, overseas legal services, specifics of the investment opportunities in Europe, etc.

In addition, ACLE Delegation was invited to participate in the Global Summit on Legal Protection for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Anhui Entrepreneurs of EGLA in Hefei on April 26th and signed the cooperation agreement with EGLA to establish a solid foundation of global communication and cooperation between overseas and domestic Chinese lawyers. Furthermore, delegates from EGLA law firms gave professional speeches regarding corporate law, real estate law and China’s belt and road investment policies during the summit which promoted further understanding of legislation and legal praxis in the key legal areas and bilateral information exchange.

Finally, thanks to the road show of this year, ACLE China Delegation has further strengthened communication, cooperation, share of resources and exchange of information among Chinese lawyers working in Europe, and intensified the relationships with Chinese lawyers especially working in Midwest China, law firms, industry associations, investment banks, financial institutions, governmental bodies etc., which improved the two-way platform of ACLE between Europe and China; in the meanwhile updated the understanding of the investment environment, laws and policies in Europe from 2018 to 2019 of domestic investors, and actively supported domestic enterprises to implement “Going Out” policy and accelerated the industrial transformation and upgrading, which has taken substantial steps for the connectivity and further economic cooperation between China and EU under the “ Belt and Road Initiative”.